Photo-A-Day Explained

For my #PhotoADayMay- Day 3: What you wore: I took this picture of my favorite piece of jewelry. I have many bobbles and other gems and jewels that I am do dearly fond of, but this ring. Oh this ring. This is the last -ANYTHING- I got from both my parents, together, for Christmas before my Dad died. I got this ring in December 2008 and I clean it constantly and wear it sporadically. This ring means everything to me.

I remember the night after my Dad died, and my Mom watched me playing with this ring on my finger, she said, “That means a lot more now, doesn’t it?”

Yeah… as you can imagine, it most definitely did.


Cherish what you have folks. Cherish it with everything you have. The only thing guaranteed in life is death. Not trying to be morbid. Just honest.


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