A Wedding Update

The update on the wedding is that there is no update. There is nothing in the works.

Today we talked about how beautiful it would be to get married in Delaware Park, next to Marcy Casino. Shakespeare Hill is where we met for our first date and had our first kiss (same night). For me it would be special because I’ve always loved Delaware Park and had been there so many times with family and friends and it’s conveniently positioned around the corner from my house.

A possible destination-wedding has been discussed. We’ve researched Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico, which would be awesome because it’s where my friends-who-are-family is from (and they’d be further inclined to make the trip with us!)

I’ve continued to look at dresses, lantern ideas, and other nic nac’s you can proudly display at a wedding on Pinterest. The dress I once thought incredibly beautiful and was possibly “the one” is no more. It’s a beautiful dress but I don’t know if it’s for me anymore. Ah, the beauty of a long time to think about it.

But, careers and education have to come first. I’ve found someone who has placed a high value on education and world domination as much as I do. (lol) ;]

So, we wait. That and we need health insurance before we get married. Like, we really have to have it.

We’re young, so there is no rush. To me, getting married isn’t a top priority. We’ve committed ourselves to each other and that’s enough. A wedding would be a finalization and a big party, a celebration of our love for us and our friends and families. So, it’s easy to wait. And wait we shall. It’s not like we’re not having fun in the interim.

The fact that I’m even engaged at 22 (and have been since I was 20, eep!) is quite a commitment. When I was in high school, I said I didn’t want to get married until my late 20’s. Funny what happens when you find “the one” when you’re not even trying.

So, this update is to let you know that there is no new updates. I will continue to gather ideas online and in my head. But we’re both in the process of looking at getting master’s degrees and looking for fulfilling work, so a wedding is definitely not on for 2013 like we had previously planned. It may not even be on for 2014.

My life will be the five-year(+) engagement and that’s okay. I still get to fall asleep and wake up next to my best friend.


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