Human Body Pop Quiz

Ok, let’s take a look at this equation I’m facing right now.

I’ve replaced my carbohydrate intake with whole grain options, whole grain brown rice, whole grain spaghetti, and whole grain whole wheat bread. I’ve included a lot of vegetables and fruits into my every day diet. I drink 10 glasses of water a day, at least. I’m trying to decrease the amount of dairy and meats I have in my diet. Also, I have made gym-going a 4-5 days a week kind of routine. While there, I either spin, do circuits, other cardio for 1hr+, lift weights, or do yoga, or some combination thereof. I get 8+ hours of sleep (Thanks unemployment!) a night and I keep my stress levels relatively low (as low as a recent unemployed grad can have anyway).

So how the hell have I gained four pounds and not felt any difference in my clothes in 8 weeks?

The starting realization of thyroid problems in the women in my family lead me to call the doctors. We discussed my thyroid as a possible problem and from there got blood work done. Those results are pending. We’ve also discussed my vitamin deficiency, namely that of Vitamin D and C. Durp. Well, I’ve taken to taking Vitamin D & a Vitamin C/D combo, fish oil (it was on sale and I figured if Omega-3 proteins work the way the bottle says it should, then it could only benefit me), and a multi-vitamin. This just started this week. We have yet to see if this will do anything.

I’ve decided to eliminate drinking alcohol for a couple of weeks to see if that will have a big effect on my body/metabolism/progress (or there lack of). Generally, I like to have a glass of wine every other day or so. Mister likes rum, I’ll have 2-3 with him. Sometimes when I go out, I have a couple of beers. Ok, well obviously this isn’t working… so we’re going to see if cutting that OUT works. Then I can gradually work it back in if I so wish.

I continue to work out because benefits like a completely awesome blood pressure test, perfectly normal cholesterol levels, and not wheezing every time I do something is benefit enough. The fact that I’ve shaved six total minutes of my first mile off since I started running is incentive. I have seen improvements in flexibility and endurance. I just don’t see any weight changes, which is my main concern.

Let’s be clear here, I’m not looking to be a size 4, wearing a skimpy bikini. I want to be the weight I was before my father died. My parent’s death is namely the cause of the rapid weight gain I’ve experienced in the last three years. Thankfully, I’m already 20/25 lbs lighter than I was while at my heaviest. But I have a way to go yet. And this whole gaining weight despite having all the time in the world to workout bit is getting old.

We’ve been introduced to a few theories in the last couple of weeks:

  • – My thyroid could be under active, a beautiful Nephew family trait (Thanks Mom!)
  • – I am actually starving myself because I don’t replace the calories I’ve burned while trying to stay around 1300 calories a day. This causing my body to store all fat since my body thinks I’m not nourishing it.
  • – I’m lying to myself about how much I drink/eat since I’m just trying to enjoy my young 20-something life with my friends. (This one is plausible, hence one of the current strategies. Calorie counting has limited this but maybe that’s not enough?)

  • – I am so vitamin deficient my body is being a child and refusing to let go of anything until it gets what it wants. In fact, It’s been so long since it has gotten such things it’ll start adding weight spontaneously out of spite.

It’s definitely not working out hard enough. I’ve been doing pretty well researching and figuring out new ways to challenge my body. Plus, I like it, so I do it often.

Le sigh… the complexities of the human body continue to be confounding. Something in this dark hole we call a Sam, something isn’t happy.

Pop Quiz!

What’s going on?!?

I just want to do this someday. That's incentive to figure this out.



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