A quick update

I’ve been remissed, my apologies. So much in the world and news that I have opinions about and the majority of that hasn’t been shared because taking the full-time job of Job Seeker is really a time suck. I’m confident that my skills will be picked up for good use in the near future. It’s a matter of timing and what will be most beneficial for my overall career.

I’m in the midst of applying for graduate school, I’ve pretty much put all my eggs into St. Bonaventure’s basket. They have a pretty impressive Integrated Marketing Communication program that would enhance my skills. I’m looking for scholarships, writing essays, and showing a variety of different organizations and groups that I am worthy of their bucks for school.

Mark has spread his artwork and his presence to more than just his designated mancave. Our home feels more like ours, not just us overtaking my parent’s old apartment. The faster we can get some older stuff out the sooner we can complete that feeling.

My sister is home from Kansas and this time she’s here to stay! I love having her home. Tomorrow, she’s coming to my house to help me learn a few of Mom’s old staple recipes. She made our favorite corn soup and fry bread the Sunday she came home and we spent some time watching Smoke Signals. It sure is nice having the Three Sisters together. (Corn, beans, and squash!)

I promise to update next week with more relavant content than just what I had for dinner and what my abode is becoming. Just thought an update was worthwhile.

Later 🙂


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