The Simple Things

We embark on roads of the past at the most random times. Today, mine came at lunch hour.

Last night I made a delicious and hearty minestrone soup. A combination of recipes that turned out alright. But I didn’t want that for lunch today and I ended up pondering for about an hour as to what I’d like.

I decided that I needed something fuss free. Something simple. And nothing was ever quite as simple as letting Mom or Dad cook us something for lunch.

The first thing that came to mind was my Dad’s tuna melt sandwich. It made me a bit nostalgic and a bit weepy, emotions you don’t expect to feel when picking out your lunch.

So I got to work. There were a few modifications to my Dad’s ever-simple recipe as I would consider my diet to be a bit healthier than my parent’s was. Whole grain bread, low-fat cheese, no butter, and the need to put as little mayo in the tuna as possible. But it still felt simple, a simple sandwich.

This is my sappy little reminder to enjoy the little things. The simple things in life can help.


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