Jay-Z Understands Thanks to Blue Ivy

I don’t normally take celebrity action too seriously but sometimes the implications of what some “famous” people say… that grinds my gears.

For instance, Jay-Z speaking out about how he’ll never use the word “bitch” in his lyrics again. He wants all female degradation in the past now that his wife (a woman) gave birth to his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Too bad he didn’t realize the beauty of such a thing when he was 2 seconds old and his mother (a woman) did the same for him.

I’ll admit that in middle school I was one of those girls. I would greet my friends with a “Hey bitch!” But that quickly dissolved as I went through high school. Now I make the concerted effort not to use it. There are other, less gender-oriented, slanderous words to use. There are words that are not swear words to use but I’m often credited as having the mouth of a sailor when someone cuts me off on the roads.

Hmm, Jay-Z, I learned the lets-not-call-women-“bitches” lesson in early high school. You’re 42-years old.

Is this proof that the name calling and gender-oriented degradation is a boy’s game? I, personally, find it appalling that it takes becoming a father for some men to truly appreciate the beauty of a female. What makes me more sad is the men who never do.

This is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Hopefully it’s not too little too late seeing as he has made his career and fortunes off his previous rap style.

To read the poem Jay-Z wrote for his daughter, you can check it out here.


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