Protect Seneca Exclusivity Rights in New York State!

As an enrolled member of the Seneca Nation of Indians, I have received certain benefits that have helped me to sustain an acceptable standard of living after the death of my parents, stay medically covered, and help to fund my college education. The standards were high to maintain funding and I exceeded them as a result. I tend to take challenges and run with them. I never took the opportunities presented to me for granted. I am lucky to be part of such a Nation.

It is thanks to the economy of the Seneca Nation that I am in the good spot I am now. Though life events have taken me every which way, financially speaking, I have been head above water thanks to the Nation.

This is why I ask that anyone reading this will take the time to contact New York State legislators about the issue surrounding exclusivity rights of gaming to the Nation. The exclusivity rights were purchased and legalized. New York State agreed that all slot machine and video gaming machines west of Route 14 (west of Geneva, NY) are solely for the Seneca Nation of Indians. Now, New York State is challenging it by attempting to bring in out-of-state gaming enterprises to set up shop.

You can contact Senator Mark Grisanti and Senator Sean Ryan on the SenecaMeansBusiness website. (Contact them!)

New York State and the American government should be ashamed for their treatment of the Haudenoshaunee and other Indigenous people in this country. They can do a lot of good by ceasing all threats to Seneca business, and bottom line, the Seneca people.

Whether or not you are for gaming, I hope that you are for the fair treatment of the Seneca people and governance. I hope that you see why it is imperative for all Indian nations that the United States government(s) honor Indian treaties.


The Seneca Nation of Indians has become Western New York’s sixth-largest employer. They have become an economic powerhouse, creating 6,000 jobs and supplying $125 million a year in payroll. The vast majority of Seneca-created jobs are held by non-Natives which makes it a necessity that they grow and prosper for more than just the Seneca people.

You can learn more about the facilities of Seneca Gaming on their website.

For additional information about the Seneca Nation of Indians and their history, current community efforts, and other services outside of gaming, click the link.



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