The Sam List: Things to Do in 2012.

My meticulously-thought-out-artistically-crafted-and-super-serious list of goals to on-and-off again try to attain in 2012.

Fitness Goals: Be able to do 20 Pull Ups and do a full head stand pose in Yoga. Currently, I can barely hold myself up on the bar without shaking, thus causing uncontrollable laughter. In Yoga class, I scamper off to child’s pose with my tail in between my legs because even thinking of getting into the tripod pose hurts my head. Run another 5K, and do it faster than I did in 2011.

Dietary Goals: Cutting out a lot of the dairy in my life. I’ve given into the decadent evils of cheeses and creams for far too long. Not only will this cut out fat intakes, but my lactose intolerant enzymes will thank me. Eat more tacos of different varieties and from various establishments. Less the cheese and sour cream.

Academic Goals. I’m in the process of studying for the GRE. I’m also independently learning CSS, web design, and will eventually begin tutoring myself on Adobe InDesign (again), Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.

Professional Development Goals. Get involved in more clubs by becoming active with the Advertising Club of Buffalo and Social Media Club of Buffalo. Create a more professional blog geared to learning and disseminating information in the realm of public relations, advertising, social media, marketing, and more. Create my contact cards finally.

Travel Goals. Find a motmot in Costa Rica. I failed at seeing a pelican in Mykonos. I must make up for that. Possibly a trip to the Adirondacks with my Mister. Another city with another arena to see my Sabres take on another NHL team.

Relationship Goals. Keep them. Strengthen them. Perhaps even find a few more along the way.

Financial Goals. Save more. Spend less without compromising healthy choices.

Blogging Goals. Continue to write in this blog, write about everything and anything. Create a more content-specific blog.

Creative Goals. I just tore apart four pages of brainstorming papers that I used trying to figure out a name for my blog (of which ideas for many other projects came about). I need to remember to brainstorm before I spat out the first thing that comes to mind. Also, more DIY projects. Those just seem like fun.

Miscellaneous Goals. The things that don’t really matter but I’d like to have (or have again). Cable TV, though I’m glad I didn’t spring for MSG over the Christmas holidays. Must have hockey. Finally get a new bike. Finally replace the red wallet I’ve harbored since junior year of high school. Truly learn how to use my Nikon D3000. Read (at least) 20 books. Be awesome.

The number one thing I will try to remember to achieve while reaching these goals? I will not consider these the only things to accomplish this year. If I have to ignore some of these to achieve things I couldn’t fathom in January, so be it.

Except being awesome. I’ve got to dedicate some serious time to that.


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