Thank you 2011, it was real.

A quick adieu to the year 2011, I would love to share some of my best memories. I had an amazing year and am actually pretty happy about how my life is shaped as I go into 2012. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you here long.


Last January I was wrapping up my internship with the World Junior Championships in Buffalo, NY. I was given the chance to write for the Bronze game which was a feat. I lost the chance to cover the Russia/Canada Gold game but I was able to watch the Americans take Bronze and interview them as they stood with great appreciation and dignity. That was an amazing opportunity to be treated as a legitimate member of the press. Ha, I was the legitimate press, my articles appeared on the website of the Official IIHF World Junior Championships website.


This was an interesting month. The Sabres front office was being bombarded by questions in regard to the hype surrounding the prospective new owner, Terry Pegula, former Western New Yorker and natural gas billionaire. The interns knew as much as you might have and only knew that these questions were coming in all the time. Then on February 22, it was announced via-press conference that he did in fact purchase the Buffalo Sabres. I was not at the press conference but I remember reading on Twitter that he said, “From this point forward, the Buffalo Sabres reason for existence is to win the Stanley Cup.” I got shivers reading that tweet from multiple sources.

And then there was this moment.

My father LOVED Perrault and this moment probably would have been so cool to him. This whole night was spectacular and the momentum definitely shifted from this night on. I feel like I was picked to work a truly unique and unforgettable season.


Another Sabres month that I’ll never forget. On March 13, my fellow interns and I were working on prepping for that night’s game against the Ottawa Senators. I remember we were in the media room getting ready to have dinner when the news broke that former French Connection forward Rick Martin had passed away in Clarence, NY. The memorial service that was held at HSBC was very emotional and people of all ages came to say their final goodbyes to one of the greatest forwards hockey has ever known. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.


The Sabres clinch a playoff spot and my internship season gets extended. I convince Mark to come with me all the way to Columbus, Ohio to watch the Sabres win game #82 against the Blue Jackets. We made a weekend out of it and even went to Cleveland where he took me to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


This was a pretty slow month. I finished out my semester at Buffalo State, my second last one. I should have been graduating at that time but my loft academic pursuits held my back one semester. No big deal, it’s not like I paid for college. I said adieu to my fellow Sabres interns and internship bosses. Bittersweet endings. I was glad to have my weekends back but sad to see my time as a member of the Sabres family come to a close.



Protests, amazing food, Grecian wine, volcano hiking, donkey riding, hot springs swimming, getting so tan your fiance has to do a double take at the airport to make sure it’s you, dancing, and making good friends.

The Most Beautiful Sunset in the World- Santorini, Greece


Camping in Ohi:yo’ (Alleghany) for Pow Wow weekend with my Mister and with friends. The stars were so beautiful and it really wasn’t that bad sleeping in a tent.


Veteran's Pow Wow, Salamanca, NY


This month I realized that I needed to look into internships for the coming semester. I figured I should make the most out of my last semester. And did I. I applied to three places in one week and got them all. I was officially (part-time) employed by the Buffalo Bills, got one of my favorite internships with Eric Mower and Associates, and got a small gig working at Time Warner Cable SportsNet. It was a boost to my confidence getting all of these positions at once. Oh, and I had my first last day of undergrad (EVER).

Oh and Parkus moved in ❤


I ran in my first 5K ever! The Go Dirty Girl Challenge was an amazing experience. It wasn’t exactly a traditional 5K, there were obstacles that broke it up, but it was a lot of fun. Julie and I finished at just over 35 minutes (and I beat her). From there I had my first taste of a delicious Lloyd’s Taco that I have yet to have again. Then we went home and i got dolled up and went to Mark’s friends wedding. I cleaned up and looked glam in just under an hour.

Cleaned up nicely


Beautiful weather Bills games. I turned 22 and had a night where I learned I’m not quite the partier I used to be. Dressed up as a Grecian goddess. Mostly because I had the dress from Greece and all I needed was some kind of tiara. I got to my fourth consecutive Sabres home opener (we lost, boo) and was FINALLY able to have drinks pregame and at the arena.

Birthday Drinks-- Hello 22!


November was a lot of work,work, and more work. I think I clocked 14+ hour days 6 days a week. Sundays were pretty much the days of relaxation where I worked only 6-8 hours a day. I worked on a lot of amazing projects for EMA and became increasingly annoyed with the elective courses I had to take to graduate. I spent Thanksgiving solely with Mark’s family as we chose to save Christmas for time spent with my family.


The month of all months. I became the second Nephew to graduate college. In our family, this is a major milestone. I had an amazing Christmas with my family and friends that are family. I’m also really enjoying this free time… but I still hope I get a job sooner rather than later. Mark and I also added to our little family– Dago:ji and Lois reign supreme at Casa de Nephew-James.

Ahh, 2011. Thanks for being good to me. And don’t worry, I’m not looking for 2012 to be better just because it’s a new year. I plan to make the most of it.


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