Resound11: 12/29

12/29 Let Go

Letting go can be hard. We get comfortable in our current situation. We have a tendency to repeat the same behaviors and patterns even when we know they are not in our best interest. Sometimes we hold on to relationships, dreams, feelings, or stuff just because we can’t let go.

But letting go sometimes is what we need to do.

What did you let go of in 2011? What was the experience like? How is your life different today? Do you ever regret it?

If not, is there something that you need to let go of in 2012? What scares you about that possibility? What situation do you need to create for that to happen?

I let go of the “Poor Sam, Poor me” feeling. A feeling most prevalent during the holidays but would linger during anything remotely substantial in my life, the “Poor Sam” feeling would eat at me. The girl full of misfortune and angst, the orphan, the loneliest girl in the world feeling, I got rid of it. Whether or not you noticed it before I internally dismissed it is beyond me. But it was there.

I dismissed it because it wasn’t true. I wasn’t the loneliest girl in the world. Far from it. My parents, though a significant piece of my life to have been plucked from me, aren’t everything. Major influences? Yes. Everything my life has to offer? No.

I have my sisters, my best friends, my family, friends that are family, and most of all, my fiance whose put up with all kinds of ups and downs.

The years 2009 and 2010 were hard to see past the deaths of these two amazing people. But 2011 offered me a chance to remember that life, as they always said, goes on. It reminded me that though death is imminent, life must be endured and conquered before then. It must be enjoyed.

Ask me who my favorite teacher in my entire life has been.

What other teachers taught me unwavering strength, insight, and passion?

That is what 2011 has felt like for me.


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