How to be a Sabres fan on a budget

This is just a fun little post on how to be a Sabres fan on a budget. The game itself is an expensive sport to participate in and being a fan isn’t so cheap either. Hopefully, I get a job soon so that this won’t be such an issue anymore and we can afford to get cable and all will be right in my world.

The lack of cable and TV highlights of games causes a visual disconnect. I have no idea what Erhoff or Kassian actually look like. Sure, I could look them up online but I spend my time reading game notes/highlights. I don’t actually flip through .jepgs and .gifs of players. And the only time I YouTube things is when they’re MAJOR highlights, like when Miller got ran down by Lucic. That was worth letting a video load while I’m working.

Anyway, since I don’t have the live game feeds to ever enjoy. This is how I maintain to myself that I am a true Sabres fan.

And no, I can’t afford to go to a bar and just watch the game. Beers aren’t cheap.

1. Erect a shrine in honor of the Sabres using your favorite Sabres memories. A book by former Sabres PR guy Chris Weiland, a framed autographed poster of about 6 players circa 2008, Sabres wine glass, and credentials from Sabres/World Juniors internships.

2. Talk about your experiences as often as you can. Because seriously, my internship with the Sabres was probably the best time I had during my time in college.

3. Read game stories and recaps from multiple different sources just to make sure nothing was left out.

4. Constantly check GameCenter Live for updates on league leaders and goaltending leaders. It’s still good to be in on the news.

5. Watch games at the gym even if it’s not a Sabres game. Because it’s not just Sabres love (though it kinda is) but it’s hockey love (which it really is).

6. Stay glued to Twitter on game nights and find real quick if the team is on the ups or the downs. The real time feed that comes in from the swarms of Sabres fans I follow keep me up to date, sometimes better than if I were…

7. Listening to the radio in the car or online. That Rick J. Love him.

Oh there might be more ways I remind myself I am a fan. But forgive me, they just lost 3-1 to New Jersey and I have to go to sleep now.

All donations can be made to the “Samantha might lose her mind if she can’t turn on MSG and watch the freakin’ games” fund.


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