A Festivus for the Rest of Us (2011)

Christmas Eve and the rest of the preceding week before Christmas was filled the Twittersphere and my Facebook feed with shopping woes and reminders of what the season was all about.

Then I went on a rare social media purge when I traveled to Salamanca, NY and East Otto, NY to visit with family. The purge was unexpectedly brought to me by the combination of being in the country and with rolling snow clouds looming over our heads. But it allowed me to be in the moment with my family and it was nice. One day in 2012, I’m going to try a whole day of this. (Don’t hold your breath Mr. Sam, it might be awhile.)

But I was able to celebrate my Christmas the way I do. I’m not religious and so I kind of do Christmas as a cultural thing. Therefore, I make my own rules.

For instance, my tree topper is an Angry Bird. Silent Night is my most commonly skipped Christmas song. Whenever anyone said Merry Christmas to me, depending on the person, I’d respond with a Happy Holidays or Happy Festivus (not meaning to leave out Kwanza. Damn.) I had no idea there was a midnight mass that everyone went to. I was in bed, warm, snuggling with Mister, and happy.

To me, Christmas is much more an occasion that calls for the 2 hour trip to my family’s home where everyone has the day/weekend off to come together. The focal point of this holiday is to reconnect with my family who lives so far away and to enjoy foods that are only prepared this time of year. And this year was the best year. My folks supplied take out containers.

They even supplied a yellow cake with the words “Congratulations Sam” on it for my graduation. It was a get together coupled with a slight celebration. Family ❤

The exchanging of presents tradition is very exclusive for me. I rearranged my shopping list to meet the needs of only people I would be offended by if they didn’t get me anything. That left me with Mark and Shelby, whose combined budget only left me $120 in the hole. Most of this decision was proportionate to my budget but I didn’t really want to face the shopping black holes that was the Galleria/Boulevard Malls.

I didn’t get any fancy gifts expensive gadgets or designer duds, and I’m okay with that. I got some entertainment, a food processor, novelty items, a necklace, and the best gift that was never meant to be a gift, my new kitties, Lois and Dago:ji (pronounced dah-go-gee).

We’ve expanded our family for “free” and came to our senses about a puppy. I need a better job and more time to be with a puppy before I get one. We’ll get our puppy someday.

How did you celebrate your Christmas/Holiday Weekend/Another day in the week that just so happened to leave every store you might need closed?

Now excuse me, I’m going to use my Tim Horton’s gift card and play with my new kittens. My pair of female kittens who are asserting dominance.

This will be fun.

Happy Holidays!

Good wine, Happy times


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