Resound11: 12/23

12/23 Today Is All You Have

It’s true, today is all you have, so why not make the most of it? Describe your perfect day, one that you’ve had this year or one that you’d like to have next year. What makes it perfect for you?

Perfect day? I’ve had a lot of perfectly amazing days.

How about the day I was awake for 40 hours over the span of 2 days? And by this I mean the 40 amazing hours I took in the sights in Mykonos, Greece. We spent so much time on the island itself, walking up and down this steep hill that took us from hotel to town, town to bus station, bus station to beach, and an assortment of other places. I slept a little more once we hit Santorini (and the ride there) but those two days in Mykonos was a whirlwind experience! Santorini was the most beautiful island of the whole trip but we had SO much fun in Mykonos.

Sure, 40 hours is more than one perfect day. But there is no way I could choose between the two days I spent in Mykonos.

Ahh, Mykonos. How I miss you.

Definitely best moments for me this year. Other amazing days? Of course. But look at those pictures above. How am I supposed to top that this year?

Can’t wait to see what I walk away with after Costa Rica next year 😉


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