Resound11: 12/20 Elevator Speech

12/20: Elevator Speech

If you had 30-90 seconds to describe yourself (give an elevator speech), how would you sum up who you are? Today’s prompt would make a great video if you have the capabilities.


How would I construct this on the fly? I consider this to be situational. Though the gist of a good elevator speech came when I was interning this past semester. A man in the Elevator saw that I had pressed 10 for the 1000 Suite of the Key Tower. He asked me what exactly is EMA? I said this to him:

EMA is an integrated marketing communications firm. They’re one of the biggest IMC firms in the area. I’ve been interning with them for three months in the public relations/public affairs department. I’ve learned quite a bit. We’ve worked with really big, national clients but I also got an opportunity to work with local not-profits who needed a little pro bono help.

And then I was at my floor.

Ok, so this isn’t exactly what today’s prompt called for but I kind of did express who I was in that. I don’t know, I haven’t actually practiced my elevator speech. Perhaps today’s prompt did more than prompt me in my writing. Stay tuned.


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