Resound11: 12/19 Then and Now

12/19 Then and Now

What was your life like a decade ago? How has your life changed since then? If you’re not feeling wordy today, why not show us some then and now portraits of yourself?

My life 10 years ago? Well, let’s see. That was 2001. I just turned 12 and was in 7th grade at Native American Magnet School 19.

As you can imagine, between 12 and 22, a lot of things changed because that’s the natural progression of life. I think I grew an extra inch (I had been 5’6 in 6th grade.) I was severely self-conscious about the size of my feet and remember garnering the nickname “Big Foot” because a size 10 in 7th grade just wasn’t that common apparently. I was also going through my phase of wanting to be an actress. And I said it with such conviction. I wish my parents were still around so I could hear their take on that ridiculous dream I used to have. This was also a time when ambitious-driven-goal-oriented Sam didn’t quite exist yet. My grades weren’t abysmal but they certainly didn’t reflect what I was capable of. I didn’t actually begin to prove my capabilities until Junior year of High School, after my first taste of the Ivy League with a summer taking classes at Cornell University.

I survived adolescence. I survived High School and my first swing at college. I’ve faced a little adversity. I’ve struggled. I’ve laughed. I’m now all kinds of grown up with my grown up bills, grown up car, apartment, etc.

I think (M&P) would be proud of the accomplishments I’ve made in the last 10 years. That’s good enough for me šŸ™‚

I don't have a picture of me circa 2001 on my hard drive but here's something from 2001.


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