Resound11: 12/3

Resound11: Virtues

What good have you done in 2011? Where do you really shine? What have you done that makes you proud of yourself?

I’m 22 years old and still learning how to be independent and self-sufficient. What makes me proud of myself is my continued effort, my hard work, and my desire to continue learning. It kind of makes me feel like an awesome combination of my mother and father.

What makes me proud is how I’ve inspired other people. What makes me proud is how my example has led people to do things they might not have otherwise done. I’m not a gleaming example of how to live your life and I don’t claim to be, but I like that I have inspired other people. I know I did. They told me.

I’ve impress people with my strength. They told me. I find strength within myself and I am proud of that.

I’m a lucky person to have found this. And all of this at the mere age of 22.

Man, it’ll be interesting to see where life goes if it really does get better with age.


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