Why I enjoy (and sometimes prefer) Twitter

I cannot believe I am still telling people about what Twitter is. A lot of people don’t understand its premise and functionality. Why would anyone want to sign up to read a measly 140-character sentence(s) when they could just read all these things on Facebook. And Facebook has pictures, sharing, “Friending,” etc.

Well, if you understand Twitter, it’s a pretty powerful tool. It’s especially a powerful tool for us public relations, media relations, marketing, advertising professionals. Basically, are you in the realm of communication? Twitter is a big deal.

I don’t know why other people see the usefulness in it. There are somethings I probably don’t even know it’s good for. Here are the reasons why I enjoy Twitter.

1. There is a thought process going on when you’re limited to 140-characters. Ah, I think we all have that one friend on Facebook who likes to tell their whole life stories? And not even just those dull “Finishing my coffee, about to do laundry, go do my nails, hang out at Aunt FrouFrou’s, and finish laundry today” status updates. I’m talking about the nine paragraph thesis on why their life sucks or why their professors are bums. No, none of that on Twitter. Sure you could multi-post but it’s just not done as often on Twitter. And I see people unfollow real quick if you think you’re getting away with clogging up a Twitter feed. We’re relentless like that folks.

2. Because of the aforementioned thought process, things said tend to be cleverly written. Yep! Because in order to gain attention, especially if you have additional media attached to your Tweet, you need to be clever and concise to your followers. It’s not like Facebook where the attached media is displayed prominently under the caption. If you don’t write an attention grabbing Tweet, you don’t get your message out there.

3. Hash tags belong to Twitter because they’re easy to gain connections to other people who are interested in what you. Some hash tags I often look at? #Sabres. #Buffalo. #PR. #SocialMedia. #JustSaying. So on and so forth. It’s a good way to learn more from reputable sources on these things. Is there some fluff? Sure. But you’re more likely to be able read about what pros in business have to say.

4. Marketing genius! Be it a huge social media campaign from a multinational corporation or a certain food truck association trying to establish some ground, Twitter is a fine way to learn about new businesses and what they’re about. I learned about Lloyd’s Taco Truck in Buffalo simply by following the buzzwords (or retweets) in Buffalo. A traveling food truck, who’s location moves daily, wouldn’t make much sense without social media. I think it’s pretty neat that there are businesses that thrive on social media. This shift from traditional marketing wouldn’t have really worked for that truck. Twitter is too cool. (@WheresLloyd)

5. News. I follow WGRZ on Twitter but I will not follow them on Facebook. The Facebook wall allows for all of the idiots in Buffalo to comment on news stories with their witless and ill-conceived banter. Knowing that the idiocy will fill up on WGRZ’s wall that fast makes me not want to go anywhere near it. However, they will post the same information on Twitter. There I go. News and a link to the full story on their website. Facebook comments be damned!

Twitter can be used in so many different ways. The Sabres, as I type, are using social media as a platform for interactivity with their followers who are attending the game tonight. They’re tweeting clues for their game night scavenger hunt. Klout is hosting a toy drive. The Next Great Generation online magazine has new stories posted. A friend just posted a funny picture of their cat. (Hey! I love kitties, so I find it interesting. No judging allowed!)

It’s a lot more than 140-character or less sentences. There are clubs dedicated to the likes of Twitter (and other social media outlets) like the Buffalo Social Media club. My Twitter friend Nicole Schuman is the President of the SMC and she is one of the biggest #Buffalo influences. It’s worth looking into if you’re in the field (or if you just really like social media!!) (@buffalogal)

99.9% of my social media crazed friends can probably buff this blog up to a 2,000+ word post but this is just why I prefer Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Facebook, most of my family uses it.

Just remember, if you decide to give it a try and give up after a couple of days because you “don’t get it,” you also used to say the same thing about Facebook. Trust me. I remember! I have had Facebook since you needed an ivy league email to sign up (true story) and no one really wanted to move from MySpace because it was weird.

Haha… MySpace. #lol #smh

[[Ahem, if you choose to try Twitter, or just stumbled across my blog, don’t forget to go follow me @snephew25!]]


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