Sweet Beginnings

My brain was starting to look like my own personal pin board. I would log ideas and tack them to the wall of my cranium in the event that I created a new blog to post some ideas on. In the past, I’ve erased blogs because they didn’t feel like they had a purpose. I’m researching beer blogs on a continuous basis and the ones that get all the hits, have the most clear mission. However, I don’t think I care anymore how many people view my blog. If I get just one hit per post, even if it was me who read it, that’s alright with me.

Maybe a clearer mission will develop as I go along?

Maybe I’ll end up deleting this as I go along?

I don’t know. What I do know is that I need to stop tacking cocktail napkins scribbled with ideas to the side of my head and just start writing. I’ve always liked writing. Time to just do it. Even if the purpose isn’t clear.

My one blog, Untraditionally Ever After, which chronicles my wedding planning process (or it will, we haven’t actually started yet) has a purpose. Though, if I stick with this long enough, I can just see myself integrating the blogs. That is yet to be determined. Don’t judge me on the current look of that blog. I hate pink. I need the time to fix it up the way I want to.


Let the fun begin!



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